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Line Varaždinska županija vs WhatsChat Varaždinska županija

The big difference betwen Line Varaždinska županija and WhatsChat Varaždinska županija, is that WhatsChat Varaždinska županija lets you chat with thousands of strangers close to your current location while Line Varaždinska županija allows you to chat with your phone contacts.

With our app it's easy to get in contact with strangers and go out together, go out for a coffee or whatever you want.

WhatsChat Varaždinska županija has a system of geolocation that connects you quickly with stranger who could perfectly be very near you.

WhatsChat Varaždinska županija allows you to choose between text mode or webcam mode (Via Website). This way you will experience all the special features of our application.

You can access our chat application via our website or if you wish from our mobile application.

The following shows the link through which you can access our application:


  Via Website Via Mobile Multi-language Chat with phone contacts Chat with strangers Show people close to your location

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