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Welcome to WhatsChat Zabul

WhatsChat Zabul is a smart application that lets you chat with thousands of strangers close to your current location. So it's much easier to get in contact and go out together, go out for a coffee or whatever you want.

Thanks to our system of geolocation we can connect you quickly with people close to your current location.

WhatsChat Zabul allows you to choose between text mode or webcam mode (Via Website). This way you will experience all the special features of our application.

You can access our chat application via our website or if you wish from our mobile application.

The following shows the link through which you can access our application:


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List of cities in Zabul:
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Ḩukūmat-e Shīnkaī
Kalān Deh
Markaz-e Sayyidābād
Mīzān ‘Alāqahdārī
Shahr-e Şafā
Wulêswālī Bihsūd
‘Alāqahdārī Aṯghar
‘Alāqahdārī Shāh Jōy